Once Again, It’s All About Behavior

I don’t know about you, but the past year has brought about a rash of harassment cases to my attention and subsequent action.  I’m frequently asked by clients to do an intervention for an individual or group that requires education regarding what is acceptable – and what’s not acceptable – behavior in the workplace. In fact,… [read more]


The Ultimate Job Interview

I don’t watch television much, but I do try to make time for  American Idol.  Have done so for years. Wow, 10 years. Can’t believe the show has been on that long.  Just for fun, let’s see if I can name the nine winners so far without cheating… Kelly Clarkson Ruben Studdard Fantasia Taylor Hicks Carrie Underwood… [read more]


It’s Not Mental, but Behavioral Management Really

I’ve been following with great interest all of the news reports regarding the assignation attempt on Rep.  Gabrielle Giffords.  My heart goes out to her, her family, and to all people who were affected by this senseless act of insanity. In case you haven’t been following the news, Jared Loughner  is accused of engaging in… [read more]

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