Oh No, A New Acronym!

Just read on my guilty pleasure  Entertainment Weekly.com that there is a new TV show coming out that pairs celebrities with “real people” who  hate them.  The show will highlight a “regular” person who has a chance to confront the  celebrity he or she hates.  The celebrity has to try to win the hater over. Know… [read more]


Holiday Horrors and Other Gifts Gone Bad

 We’re just on the other side of Thanksgiving and bingo!  Here we go.  The office parties, Yankee swaps, white elephant exchanges, Secret Santa’s and other saccharine holiday cheer. Oh boy. Nah, I’m not a Scrooge.  I really do love the holidays – all of ‘em.  You name it:  Alban Arthuan, Christmas, Eid-al-adha, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, Soyal,… [read more]


Aim to Misbehave

How many companies can create excitement about a new product like Apple does? Once again, with the advent of the iPad they are in the lead when it comes to creative disruption. Creative disruption is when a person creates something or solves a problem that transforms. Nintendo also did it with its Wii console. Did… [read more]

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