Here’s the Real Deal Regarding Presentations

A large part of my professional life has to do with delivering presentations, seminars and workshops on all kinds of topics, ranging from how to get the millennials to behave in the workplace (or at least civil according to their boomer bosses) – to how to motivate employees without spending a dime – to how… [read more]


A Passport for Employees

I’ll tell you, I’m a list person.  Can cover a lot of ground with a bulleted list.  Found a great list the other day posted on the fridge at Webster University where I serve as an academic advisor and associate professor entitled, A Passport for Life by Regina Brett.  Thought the idea of it was… [read more]


When Transparency is Well…Just a Pane

What is it with business people and buzzwords?  Good Lord, we seem to get new ones every year – and I hate them, just hate them.  To me buzzwords are just a slick way of getting people to pay attention to things they should have been paying attention to all along.  Back in the 90s,… [read more]

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