It’s Back to School Week for the Carnival of HR!

Now that summer is officially over, we need to get our brains back into high gear to tackle a new work year. This edition of the Carnival of HR does just that by passing along a wonderful grade book full of content that all HR pros and employees need to be effective in the work  space. I give all of these blog posts an A+!  Check them out here:

Remind students – oh, I mean employees – they have to follow policy! Stuart Rudner from HR Reporter advises us that Employees Can’t Choose Which Policies to Follow.

HR pros are often busy coaching managers on an array of skills, including leadership. Steve Roesler from at All Things Workplace gives us Five Real Life Tips for Leading  to help when you get the “help me lead” call from your internal clients.

Want to learn how to better design a training session? Patrick Mullarkey from Mentoring Mullarkey discusses L&D Secrets from Tiffany & Co.

Some people don’t want to go to school; but they love learning.  Anita Lettink from Visions for HR tells us all about it in Why I am Never Going Back to School.

And, Paul Baribeau from Tribe HR chimes in with some tips and tricks for beating the post-vacation downers in  How to Support Employees Who Have the Back to School Blues.

Our good friend Ben Eubanks from Upstart HR gives a lesson on HR and the importance of quality in HR Quality Lessons from ISO Prep.

Ian Welsh from HR Toolbox reminds us that when educating new HR pros, we give a history lesson about what worked well in the past in HR Back to School – Focusing Most Effectively!

Steve Van Remortel of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream shares his views on the importance of Having the Right People in the Right Position, addressing skill alignment in teams.

Need some good education on a good investigation? Check out the post by Mike Haberman of HR Observations on why Effort in Harassment Investigations is Important.

HR systems are needed if you want efficiency and effectiveness. Robin Schooling from HR Schoolhouse in A Tale from the Trenches: HR System Implementation has some great observations to share.

It’s important to have performance data and goal alignment.  Alex Raymond shows us how in Company Goal Alignment and Real Time Performance Data.




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