Sometimes, More Staff Can Be A Good Thing.

Just read a delightful Sunday post from our favorite HR Capitalist, and I can’t agree more with his assertion that we all should hire people who honestly never seem to have a bad day and bring so much more to our organization than just their skill set.  I believe I’m one of those hiring managers myself — especially when it comes to those rather furry hires, the young ones where you’re not sure what you’re getting in the beginning, but are willing to take a risk on a hire that you believe has potential.

And I must say that from the hiring perspective, VVI has done pretty well in that department.  So much so, that I’ve recently been lobbying the other half of Vogel & Vogel, Inc. to support a staff increase in our Wellness Department.  Sadly, we did recently lose one of the staffers Sam Vogel, to an unexpected departure, but we do have the budget for a replacement hire.

The problem is convincing the Chief Operating Officer that we NEED to hire a replacement.  He doesn’t want to spend the $$ as he doesn’t believe an additional staff member is warranted.  Says it will cost too much in the long run.  He’s looking for the ROI.

Granted, the current three staffers, Scout Vogel, Saki Vogel and Sushi Vogel, tend to sleep on the job – a lot.  But, they’ve been with VVI for over 12 and 15 years respectively, have won numerous awards for their outstanding dedication and commitment, and provide some much needed diversity in the organization.

So,  how am I going to convince the COO that an additional staff member is needed in the Wellness Department?  Show him the data.  I’m planning on doing an indepth analysis of wellness program costs relative to associated reductions in health benefit costs.


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