Oh No, A New Acronym!

Just read on my guilty pleasure  Entertainment Weekly.com that there is a new TV show coming out that pairs celebrities with “real people” who  hate them.  The show will highlight a “regular” person who has a chance to confront the  celebrity he or she hates.  The celebrity has to try to win the hater over.

Know what they are going to call it?

Hater – spelled, “H8R”.

Can’t you just see the HR jokes flying now?

It’s bad enough we get a bum rap in TV and cartoon land, think Toby from The Office and Catbert the Evil HR Director from Dilbert, but now a new TV show name that is just ripe for malapropisms, behavioral jokes, etc. 

I 8 HR … HR 8R …  HR H8R … you get the drift.

I know, maybe we could get Michael Scott on H8R with Al Pacino.  JK.

Oh by the way, Punxsutawney Phil says Spring is coming.


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