64 Ways to Show Employee Love

I was listening to the radio the other day on my way home from the ever-present swim team car pool drive (an hour and a half round trip, ugh) and heard the radio jockeys talking about Valentine’s Day and an article on they found on the Internet related to “64  Ways to Say I Love You.” 

Of course, I went to check it out and thought it was great fun – and something that would be worth translating into showing the love for employees or volunteers.

You see, we don’t do that enough.  And its been worse lately as folks are stressing over the lack of jobs and the lack of a decent economy.  Recognizing employees (and each other’s) contributions takes work – strengthening the relationship takes work – and retaining employees takes work.

So, in honor of Valentine’s day, here’s my list of 64 ways to let employees know you care. 

64 Ways to Show Employee Love

  1. Be courteous.
  2. Encourage physical and mental health.
  3. Have fun. 
  4. Don’t compare employees to each other.
  5. Give your full attention. 
  6. Trust. 
  7. Truly listen to what the employee is saying (no multi-tasking!).
  8. Be respectful.
  9. Share some humor.
  10. Be interested in the employee’s interests.
  11. Be a cheerleader. 
  12. Highlight the employee’s accomplishments.
  13. Bring in pizza.
  14. Ask for input.
  15. Let bygones be bygones; embrace the present – and the future. 
  16. Accept the fact that nobody’s perfect. 
  17. Play hooky together. 
  18. Show interest in the whole person, not  just the at-work person.
  19. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar – be nice.
  20. Apologize. 
  21. Live by the Golden Rule.
  22. Better yet, the Platinum Rule-do unto others as they like…unto them.
  23. Tell the employee you appreciate him or her. 
  24. Take a group picture and post it in your office.
  25. Encourage risk-taking and from that, learning.
  26. Talk about the day.
  27. Laugh.  Best de-stressor outside of prescription drugs.
  28. Pick your battles.
  29. Have a vision and share it with inspiration.
  30. Don’t be competitive; it’s a team effort.
  31. Forget about labels – everyone is unique and special.
  32. Don’t forget about the commonalities, though.
  33. Have an ice cream sundae contest.
  34. Watch a great teambuilding movie together like Remember the Titans.
  35. Write a “you did an outstanding job” note once a week and mean it.
  36. Share company war stories or historical (hysterical) tales.
  37. Keep your word.
  38. Have them plan the work and then work the plan.
  39. Go to a seminar together.
  40. Encourage them to join a professional association.
  41. Bake cookies in the microwave and share.
  42. Be a good idea-bouncer-offer.
  43. Show your gratitude; you really can’t do the job without them.
  44. Consider employees’ perspectives.
  45. Respect personal lives and personal time.
  46. Praise publically.
  47. Correct privately.
  48. Be a person that others want to be around.
  49. Take pride in the employee’s large accomplishments.
  50. Take pride in the employee’s small accomplishments, too.
  51. Share a sincere compliment about the employee in front of other people.
  52. Make time for the employee.
  53. Recognize that everyone makes mistakes.
  54. Give $1 lottery ticket, because they are a winner no matter what.
  55. Give space when they need it.
  56. Communicate a lot.
  57. Be honest.
  58. Ask for feedback on your leadership style.
  59. Do something constructive with that feedback once you get it.
  60. Teach tolerance.
  61. Reconnect – do a fun team building exercise.
  62. Give the benefit of the doubt.
  63. Tell them how important they are to the success of the team and of the business.
  64. Be a servant leader.

 True leadership does not dominate – it cultivates.
— HR Whisperer


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